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Copalis Community Church Food Bank

The Copalis Food Pantry is open Wednesday's from 1:30pm until 5:30pm.

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    Teri Fleischacker

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Ministries at Copalis

Copalis Community Church Food Bank began in the early 1980's when Sue Rotchford began stocking food in a church closet and giving it out to people as they had needs. The food ministry grew during the 80's and the church rented a building across the street to gather, store and distribute food to a growing clientele. In 1998, several people contributed to build a 2000 square foot food bank on the church property. Over time we added a walk in cooler and freezer, allowing us to store food longer. This beautiful, functional building has been serving people on the North Beach for the last 24 years. 

Over 20 volunteers serve faithfully to distribute approximately 200,000 pounds of food a year. The food comes from many sources == the government, Coastal Harvest, Food Lifeline, and private purchases. The Food Bank is open weekly from 1:30 pm to 5:30pom, providing quality food to 50-100 families a week. We serve everyone regardless of sex, race, or income levels. It is our goal to value everyone who comes to us for help. We Also have a clothing bank to help families in these tight times. 

The Food Bank relies entirely on donations to purchase items to give away. There are several individuals who donate regularly, but we are always grateful for donations that come through local businesses and institutions. We are a Washington non-profit, organized under the auspices of Copalis Community Church. The Food Bank has a working board that is supervised by the church board. Our non-profit number is: 91-0823403.